Strike wonder in
8 billion hearts.

Moments that pierce our core.
Passion that can change lives.
As creators, we will continue to pursue
the next generation of virtual expression
and experiences still unknown.
One by one,
we will work to change 8 billion lives.


Overcome boundaries.


We will flexibly respond to societal change and help bring about the next big changes. We overcome boundaries like “I can’t do it” or “I’ve never tried before” to take on new challenges each day.

It’s in the details.


We take pride in our professionalism and ability to be consistently thorough. Our focus on the details of trivial tasks helps us fulfill our responsibilities and promises.

Blazing Speed.


To continually reach success, we have to rise to each and every challenge we face. We may allow ourselves to make some mistakes along the way, but we’ll persevere with blazing speed, no matter how it looks to the outside.

Creative and economical.


We aim to be a company that positively impacts society by delivering joy to the people. Our search for yet-to-be-found sensations and economic potential will forever continue.

Founded on respect.


Team unity and co-creation are the most important forces for driving accomplishments in new fields. With respect toward our coworkers in our hearts, we will praise each other as we take on challenges.

Enjoy life.


We should cherish our private moments just as much as work. From family to recreation and hobbies, let’s continue enjoying and enriching our daily lives.


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globie was founded in May, 2023 by Brave group Europe in hopes to foster a thriving and entertaining community platform for all The name “globie” is short for “global mate.”
Make people all around the world your true mates! You’ll feel right at home when you’re on “globie”

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In hopes of spreading the cutting edge of Japanese Subculture throughout Europe, we’ve established this online shop that will not only bring much desired Japanese Merchandise directly to Europe but also the latest news & recommendations. While we’re largely starting off with anime goods, expect to see merchandise of Brave group’s many beloved IP in the near future.